Mar 9, 2018

Recently I sent out a feeler on our social media channels, asking you guys what you’d like to see Honda change or improve in the future and you guys really delivered. A lot of the responses were great ideas and hopefully, Honda would agree!

Here are the top 5 things we as consumers would love to see from Honda in the coming years:

1Older Models Making a Comeback
Cars like the old Prelude and the S2000 were heavy hitters back in the day when Honda made performance affordable, so a modernized version of those two would be unbelievably popular now.




2. Updated HR-V

The HR-V is marketed now as an entry-level Honda, but we feel that with a few updates, it could turn into a serious contender in the crossover SUV market. For starters, the new 1.5L turbocharged engine would fit in perfectly for the HR-V and give it that extra kick it’s missing.



3. An “Offroad” Trim/Package 
The HR-V, the CR-V, Pilot, and especially the Ridgeline are all worthy of an offroad trim level, similar to Toyota’s TRD Offroad. A more rugged Ridgeline or CR-V would open the door for adventurers everywhere.



4. A Premium Sound System 
With the new Accord dipping its toe in the luxury market, we feel that it’s deserving, especially on the Touring trim, of a premium sound; one to give Harmon Kardon a run for its money.



5. All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) sedans
Why should the SUV’s have all the fun? An AWD Accord or an AWD Type-R would give Honda that extra step into the world of luxury and performance. Combine that with the usability of the Civic Hatchback, and you’ve got yourself the perfect daily driver, for any time of year.



An Accord Estate (Station Wagon)
The market for station wagons isn’t exactly booming in the U.S., but it is on the rise again, and the perfect contender for a wagon variant would be the new Accord, with its redesigned body lines. Not to mention it’ll give Honda owners another option, for those who want the dashing looks of the Accord and the cargo capacity of the CR-V. Mix that in with all-wheel-drive and you’ve got the next biggest trend in the car industry.




If there was anything you think we missed, let us know! For more cool content check out our Instagram page @louisville_honda_world, or visit our website to take a look at our inventory!

By Christian Olsson, Honda Genius

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