Jan 17, 2017

The HondaLink App

If you are planning on buying a new Honda, then you can skip the factory navigation system and level up to . With this advanced technology, Honda is providing a less expensive option to consumers who buy a new car – one that takes advantage of something most people carry with them wherever they go. HondaLink uses a smartphone to manage the cars built-in touchscreen system and seamlessly connect you to your car no matter where you go. What is HondaLink and how does it work?

What is HondaLink?

HondaLink is a vehicle telemetric service designed to replace and update the in-car navigation system. Honda first introduced this product as Internavi in 1997. It was available only in Accords and Torneo sold in Japan.

The newest generation service is an application-based platform that connects you to your car via a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. With downloadable apps at your disposal, you can customize the service to suit your needs.

Once you download the apps, you can pair a smartphone to the Honda system using your vehicle’s VIN to get the most benefit from this technology. By connecting the app to your car, you gain access to your digital address book, are able to make phone calls, can get directions and even schedule your next service appointment. HondaLink also includes an onboard service for emergencies much like OnStar.

HondaLink on Vehicle Screen and on Phone

Required HondaLink Apps

There are two required apps for HondaLink and a few optional ones – each with different benefits. The HondaLink app Launcher allows you to find and organize approved apps and even points out third-party platforms that work with the system. This app integrates your phone with the onboard touchscreen that comes with select Honda automobiles.

The HondaLink Connect app is designed to enhance your driving experience by offering convenient access to the:

  • Owner’s manual for your vehicle
  • Local weather updates
  • Nearby points of interest
  • Destination information
  • Messages

The Maintenance Minder that comes with the Connect app keeps you on track with recommended upkeep for the vehicles and allows you to schedule an appointment remotely.

Optional HondaLink Apps

HondaLink comes with some options apps that enhance the experience for you. The offers a large selection of audio content such as:

  • Radio stations
  • Podcasts
  • Audiobooks

It also connects you to mainstream social media platforms and helps you navigate to nearby businesses like restaurants, gas stations and hotels.

The HondaLink Navigation provides a 3D navigation system and traffic program. You can use this app to search for specific addresses or to find the easiest route to wherever you are going. While the other apps come at no cost, this one you must pay to download.

The downside of using the HondaLink service is compatibility. HondaLink apps will not work with all model smartphones, so be sure to check to make sure yours is compatible. The apps are available via iTunes and Google Play for your convenience.

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