Apr 14, 2017

2017 Honda Civic

In rare instances you may find yourself needing a radio code to fix your Honda radio. There are a few ways of getting this code. To get this code, you will need:

VIN Verification

The first step in obtaining the radio code is to figure out what your Honda’s Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN, is. You can find this in a number of different locations, including:

  • On the driver’s side of the windshield near the bottom
  • On your auto insurance card
  • In your vehicle’s insurance statement
  • In your registration for the vehicle
  • In the financial services statement for the vehicle
  • In any customer satisfaction or new owner questionnaires you have received from Honda

VIN codes are 17 digits in length and include numbers 0 through 9, as well as all letters of the alphabet other than I, O, and Q. If the number you enter does not work, check to see if you entered O in the place of 0.

2017 Honda Accord

Serial Number Savvy

Besides the VIN, you will also need to find the radio’s Device Serial Number. For some models, you can find this data on the anti-theft identification card in the glove box; it will be the second code listed under “Radio”. If you are unable to find your code using this method, you can find your code through instructional videos found on YouTube.

If your Honda was made before 2001, the number will not be visible to you; you must instead visit the dealership to obtain it.

Personal Data

In addition to the Device Serial Number and the VIN, you must enter personal data, namely your Zip Code, a phone number, and a working email address. Honda needs this information to confirm that you are the owner. It will also send a record of the code to your email address so that you can access it at any time.

Timing Tenacity

Once you have all of this information, you must enter it during a designated period of time. Honda allows you to retrieve the code:

  • On Monday through Friday between 4AM and 9PM PST
  • On Saturdays between 4AM and 6:30PM
  • On Sundays between 4AM and 9PM

Dual Devices

Some Honda models provide navigation devices in addition to radio devices, both of which must be unlocked with the same code. If this is the case, make sure to check the “I have two devices box.” This will inform Honda that you need a code that works for both the radio and the navigation.

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