Jun 30, 2017

2017 Honda CR-V

Numbers don’t lie – with almost 4 million sold since its introduction in 1997 and an impressive seven years of documented sales gains for Honda, the CR-V is proving itself an excellent vehicle for its owners. But what is it about this compact SUV that continues to bring new drivers to the wheel? We wanted to take a closer look at the car that Business Insider recently touted as their Favorite SUV in America to find out what keeps the CR-V at the head of the pack in a market that is definitely not lacking in options. Here’s what we found.

The Feeling of Effortless Driving

One of the most obvious highlights of this exceptionally popular little crossover is the overall ease of use that it projects and delivers to the driver. This is something that Honda seems to understand well and has improved on with every iteration of the CR-V, honing it even further in the newest 2017 model. New technological driving assistance features actually deliver the increased performance and reduced steering effort that are promised. Driving, parking and overall wheel and steering control feel easy, precise and smoothly responsive.

Comfortable Convenience

The interior and famously comfortable and supportive seats of the CR-V have received a bit of an upgrade as far as style goes in the newest model, but these are almost entirely aesthetic touch ups. The driver and front passenger seats still offer some of the most comfortable seating that can be found in a crossover SUV – or just about any car, honestly – with great back support for long drives. The spacious storage between the front seats, as well as the two convenient USB outlets, combined with the comfort of the seating and the easy ride of this car make it a pretty perfect road trip machine.

2017 Honda CR-V Interior

Straightforward Simplicity

Another oft-mentioned draw of the Honda CR-V has always been its simplistic but well thought out functionality when it comes to loading, unloading, and altering the backseat and cargo areas of the car. The cargo compartment opens with ease and is spacious and uncomplicated – something you’d think would be standard in crossover SUV vehicles, but which can be cluttered and frustrating in other options on the market. There is no struggle or searching for hidden controls when you need to move or fold the back seat – just a one-motion pull tab that is visible and does what you think it should intuitively do. It’s this kind of detail, that eliminates guesswork from what should be a simple process but often isn’t with cars like this one, that has brought the CR-V to the forefront of its class and kept it there.

In short, the newest model of the CR-V does everything that the majority of drivers would expect it to do and it does those things well. Aside from a few aesthetic details that improve the look the of the car both inside and out, the reliable simplicity and overall comfort of the CR-V is still the standout reason that this car remains a favorite among modern drivers.