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May 25, 2018

Ahh yes, the Crosstour. The spiritual successor the Element, the ugly duckling, one of Honda’s more controversially-designed cars. And, one of my favorites.   The Crosstour started off production in 2010 as the “Accord Crosstour,” built on the Accord platform and slotted just below the Pilot in Honda’s lineup. It was classified as a hatchback/wagon, […]

Mar 9, 2018

Recently I sent out a feeler on our social media channels, asking you guys what you’d like to see Honda change or improve in the future and you guys really delivered. A lot of the responses were great ideas and hopefully, Honda would agree! Here are the top 5 things we as consumers would love to see […]

Dec 9, 2017

It used to be when you hear about or see an Accord Sport, you’d think “grandpa’s car” or “nothing really exciting.” And you’d probably be right. Granted there are a few exceptions, a few niche markets or certain demographics that enjoy it. But overall, the public’s general opinion of the Accord Sport has always been […]